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Screen Size         8.5”

Panel Flexible      LCD panel

Texture                 ABS

Battery Model      CR1220 Button Battery

Dimention            221*143*4.8mm

Weight                 110g

Colors                  White, Blue, Green, Red, Rose red, Yellow

Features Describe:

  • LOVA  WritingTablet use flexible liquid crystal display technology. The screen is sensitiveto the stylus pressure when writing text or drawing pictures and graphics. It is essentially an eco-friendly, paperless mashup of sketchbooks, memo pads,notebooks, drawing pads- all rolled into one cool little tech product.  

  • Writing and drawing on this tablet is a lot of fun. Just take the included stylus and write on it and it feels surprisingly similar to writing on paper.

  • The display canbe erased. You don't need to use an eraser. Just press a button and the screen will be cleaned.

  • Battery Life:The battery generally will last for 2 years and is easily replaceable.

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